EVERYONE has their favourite pie.

Whether it's pork pies, meat pies or cheese and onion pies or even apple pie, cherry pie or lemon meringue pie, there's something to suit all tastebuds inside a pastry case.

Today is National Pie Day – a whole day dedicated to pies!

It’s the perfect mid-winter treat to warm the hearts and taste buds of pie lovers.

As British people - and northerners - we love a good pie and as a nation we consume more than £1billion worth of the tasty treats every year.

With endless choices about how to enjoy a pie - hot or cold, sweet or savoury, short crust, filo or puffed pastry - it's no easy task to pick a favourite.

Here are a few places in Mid Cheshire where you can pick up a pie to mark British Pie Week, including our Best for Pies 2023 winner Ka Pie.

The Hayhurst Arms

The Hayhurst Arms

The Hayhurst Arms, Bostock Green, Middlewich

When one customer makes a 30-mile round trip to enjoy a cheese, onion and potato pie it’s a must for our shortlist.

The nomination said: “It’s worth every minute of my journey on the M6.

“I’ve had my fair share of pies so I know a good pie when I taste one!”

For more details go to facebook.com/hayhurstarms



Birtwisles Butchers, Witton Street, Northwich

The pies from Birtwisles are “yummy” with the minted lamb ones getting a special mention in the nominations.

Another happy customer simply said “they’re the best”!

For more details go to facebook.com/Birtwislesbutcher



Foodcraft, High Street, Winsford

Recommendations said this was “100 per cent” the best pie.

One satisfied customer said: “I’ve never tasted nicer pies steak pies.

“They’re full of meat not just gravy!”

For more details go to instagram.com/foodcraft.winsford/

Webb and Sons

Webb and Sons

Webb and Sons, Witton Street, Northwich

The pork pies at this family butchers received several recommendations with one customer saying they taste even better when heated up – that’s if you can wait that long before taking a bite on the way home!

For more details go to facebook.com/profile.php?id=100054457751343

JDs Cafe

JD's Cafe

JD’s Café, Winnington Avenue, Winnington

The steak pies from this café must be good as recommendations said they’re “the best ever”.

They’re “full of tender meat, no gristle, and encased in beautiful buttery pastry”.

For more details go to facebook.com/groups/1620261168277005

Ka Pie

Ka Pie

Ka Pie, Holmes Chapel

What’s not to love about a pie if someone describes it as “the best pies I’ve ever tasted”?

Coronation chicken pies will be on the menu next week in honour of King Charles III’s coronation.

They took our Best for Pies 2023 crown!

For more details go to facebook.com/profile.php?id=100083205578782

Broads Bakery

Broad's Bakery

Broad’s Bakery, Unit 4, Lewin Street, Middlewich

The chicken curry pies were the top choice as they have “amazing pastry” and are “full of flavour”.

These bakes are smashing – “top notch pies”.

For more details go to facebook.com/broadsbakery

The Great North Pie Company

The Great North Pie Company

The Great North Pie Company, Deanway, Wilmslow Road, Wilmslow

These pies are “unreal” with braised beef and ale pies, chicken and ham, and minced beef and onion featuring regularly on the menu tempting customers’ tastebuds.

For more details go to facebook.com/greatnorthpieco

AJ Devaney

AJ Devaney

AJ Devaney, Wheelock Street, Middlewich

This is the place to go for a steak and gravy pie or a meat and potato pie.

One happy customer said: “The pastry is lovely and they’re full of fresh meat”.

For more details go to facebook.com/AJDevaneyButcher

Georges Butchers

George's Butchers

George’s Butchers, Northwich Road, Weaverham

Serving top quality pork pies, George’s Butchers is worth travelling for with one reviewer on their Facebook page saying they buy meat and potato pies to take back to Glasgow when they’re passing.

For more details go to facebook.com/Georgesbutchersweaverham