EACH week Cheshire West and Chester Council receives and makes decisions on planning applications across the borough.

Here we have rounded up the latest validated and determined applications in and around Northwich and Winsford.


Description: Norway Maple (T1) - Re-pollard to previous pollard points. 

Address: Threeways, Cuddington, CW8 2XJ.

Reference: 24/00124/TPO. Received: January 16, 2024.Status: Awaiting decision.

Description: Felling of dead Horse Chestnut (T1).

Address: Norley Road, Cuddington, CW8 2JN.

Reference: 24/00111/CAT. Received: January 15, 2024. Status: Awaiting decision.

Description: Five Sycamores - Reduction in height by around 2-3m to lateral growth points and pruning in of extremities to maintain a natural round shape to the canopy.

Oak - Prune in of the overhang of Maple Grove to even out and balance the canopy with a crown lift garden side to 3m to clear the shed within the property boundary. 

Address: Tall Trees Close, Northwich, CW8 4YA.

Reference: 24/00079/TPO. Received: January 12, 2024. Status: Awaiting decision.

Description: Demolition of existing garage. Proposed construction of a two-storey front and side extension and a single-storey rear extension.

Address: Beach Road, Hartford, CW8 3AB.

Reference: 23/03961/FUL. Received: December 15, 2023. Status: Awaiting decision.

Description: Change of use of land to residential for the creation of a new residential access and parking provision.

Address: Townfield Lane, Allostock, WA16 9NP.

Reference: 23/03938/FUL. Received: December 14, 2023. Status: Awaiting decision.

Description: Change of use of the paddock from agricultural to equestrian, construction of two wooden stable blocks on metal skids and associated hardstanding area (retrospective).

Address: Norley Road, Cuddington.

Reference: 23/03031/FUL. Received: September 26, 2023. Status: Awaiting decision.


Description: Installation of internally illuminated physical fascia sign.

Address: Cheshire Police Headquarters, Clemonds Hey, Oakmere Road, Winsford, CW7 2UA.

Reference: 23/04003/ADV. Received: December 21, 2023. Status: Approved.

Description: Single storey rear extension.

Address: Norley Road, Norley, WA6 6LJ.

Reference: 23/03861/HHE. Received: December 5, 2023. Status: Decided.

Description: Change of use of a former agricultural (pig) building to a dwelling.

Address: Outbuilding at Occleston Green, Wimboldsley, Middlewich.

Reference: 23/03578/PDQ. Received: November 10, 2023. Status: Decided.

Description: Erection of forestry management and storage building.

Address: Land opposite The Pole, Pole Lane, Antrobus.

Reference: 23/03421/AGR. Received: October 30, 2023. Status: Decided.

Description: Single storey side/rear extension.

Address: Weaverham Road. Cuddington, CW8 2NJ.

Reference: 23/03338/FUL. Received: October 23, 2023. Status: Approved.

Description: Application for a Lawful Development Certificate for the proposed sitting of four park homes for residential use/occupation on land used for amenity and recreation purposes.

Address: Kinderton Mobile Home Park, Cledford Lane, Sproston, CW10 0JS.

Reference: 23/03246/LDC. Received: October 13, 2023. Status: Refused.

Description: First floor side extension, garage conversion, porch alterations including new pitched roof.

Address: Cedar Drive, Barnton, CW8 4NA.

Reference: 23/02510/FUL. Received: August 8 2023. Status: Approved.

Description: Two-storey rear and side wrap around extension.

Address:  Dene Drive, Winsford, CW7 1DE.

Reference: 23/02298/FUL | Received: July 18, 2023. Status: Approved.

Description: Two MS floor mounted condenser units.

Address: Unit 12, Artis Park, Artis Road, Winsford, CW7 3SE.

Reference: 23/02255/FUL. Received: July 14 2023. Status: Approved.

Description: Installation of five new AC units to rear elevation and two new ventilation grills.

Address: Nationwide, 1A Dingle Walk, Winsford, CW7 1BA.

Reference: 23/01806/FUL. Received: June 8, 2023. Status: Approved.

Description: Increase of residential space and reduction of commercial space at ground floor level of the mixed used building (Class E, commercial residential) and demolition of cold store. 

Address: Yeld Lane, Delamere, CW6 0TE.

Reference: 23/01318/FUL. Received: April 21, 2023. Status: Approved.

Description: New covered front entrance, rear dormers, velux roof windows and erection of car port.

Address: Sunflower Way, Northwich, CW8 4RS.

Reference: 23/01315/FUL. Received: April 21 2023. Status: Refused.

Description: Change of use of an existing stable building to include livery together with domestic use, the provision of a new stable block, timber store and horse manege in an existing part of the garden and the change of use of part of a field, from agricultural to residential use.

Address: Town Farm Lane, Norley, WA6 8NH.

Reference: 23/00950/FUL. Received: March 22, 2023. Status: Approved.

Description: Photo-voltaic panels installed on the roof of St Johns Church Hall.

Address: St Johns Church Hall, School Lane, Hartford, CW8 1NP.

Reference: 23/00514/LDC. Received: February 17, 2023. Status: Approved.

Description: Change of use to inert and excavation waste recycling facility, erection of a 2-storey modular building for office use and the erection of a workshop canopy building (partly in retrospect).

Address: Land at rear of 5 New Cheshire Business Park, Wincham Lane, Wincham.

Reference: 20/00361/WAS. Received: Jan 30, 2020. Status: Approved.