A GYM owner has 'no concerns' about the competition as he opens his new facility.

Team Training, run by Paul Connor, has officially launched at its new location at Gadbrook Park.

The move comes amid a busy time for the fitness industry in Northwich, including the opening of Snap Fitness at Barons Quay and the impending arrival of a women-only gym, Strong Girl Collective.

Despite this, Paul is not worried, believing his site offers something different.

“I’m not concerned by the arrival of big gym chains such as Snap Fitness,” he said.

“They are not my competition. They are a different model.

“I doubt the owner and manager of any big gym chain would leave their house on Christmas Day to help a member put his fence back up.

“I did and my fellow members helped too. That’s how close and supportive what we have created is.”

Northwich Guardian: Inside Team TrainingInside Team Training (Image: Supplied)

Paul, a Hartford resident, has welcomed the recent fitness boom in Northwich.

He added: “There are a lot of gyms opening and it’s because fitness is a growth sector at the moment.

“What we are seeing is the more ambitious trainers who once rented floor space in the bigger chains having the courage to move out on their own and set up their own businesses.

“It’s good for the industry and good that the public will now have more options.”

Northwich Guardian: Paul ConnorPaul Connor (Image: Supplied)

Paul is a lifelong athlete and became a personal trainer in 2002, when he says there were only two or three others in Northwich.

Since then, he has coached more than 20,000 one-to-one hours and helped more than 2,000 people.

Team Training operates differently to most gyms, with a focus on coach-led group sessions rather than machine workouts.

Northwich Guardian: Members have already got busy trying out the new facilityMembers have already got busy trying out the new facility (Image: Supplied)

“When people show up to the new facility what they can expect is to be introduced by name to every other person in the building,” Paul said.

“Their name will be remembered and they will be valued. That is our speciality.

“My members are looked after permanently, 365 days a year.

“They become so involved in what we do that we have created strong friendship groups and exercise has become a way of life.”