A HGV driver from Northwich has been selected as the Liberal Democrat candidate vying to become the MP for Mid Cheshire in the forthcoming General Election.

Jack Price-Harbach, who recently obtained a politics and international relations degree from the Open University, will be standing in the newly-created seat created after a redrawing of Parliamentary election boundaries.

The Mid Cheshire constituency will include Northwich, Winsford, Davenham, Greenbank, Hartford, Kingsmead, Rudheath and Moulton.

Jack, aged 34, said: "I want to offer the people of Mid Cheshire the chance to vote for the Liberal Democrat vision for the country.

“Like everyone, I have paid the 'Truss Tax' through much higher mortgage payments.

"Like everyone, I have been told to make my own way to hospital when calling 999. Like everyone, I have struggled to see an NHS dentist and had to pay several hundreds of pounds for private treatment.

"And like everyone, I have faced ever increasing energy bills, whilst water companies have dumped excess sewage into our rivers.

Northwich Guardian: Jack will be contesting the newly-created Mid Cheshire seatJack will be contesting the newly-created Mid Cheshire seat (Image: Supplied)

“Under the Conservatives, people get the feeling that nothing works any more. We have high schools sending children home due to staff shortages. We have patients unable to simply ring their GP and ask for an appointment as they have done for decades.

“Under our local Labour administration, we play roulette on our daily commute, choosing between trains that barely run or driving on Cheshire’s swiss cheese pothole filled roads.

"People need change after 14 years of decline. The people I speak to on the doorsteps of Mid-Cheshire see [Kier] Starmer’s Labour as more of the same.

"It’s time to get the Tories out and give the Liberal Democrats a chance here in Mid Cheshire."

Announcing Jack's candidacy, Paul Roberts, the chairman of Cheshire West and Chester Liberal Democrats, said, “Jack is a great candidate.

"He lives in the constituency with his family and knows the area well. He offers a rare combination of working in a practical job as a HGV driver with academic credentials, having recently obtained a degree in politics and international relations with the Open University.

"Jack would be a great MP for our area."

As the current Weaver Vale constituency will cease to exist, incumbent MP Mike Amesbury will be standing for Labour in the newly-created Runcorn and Helsby seat.

Former Cheshire West and Chester councillor Charles Fifield has been chosen as the Conservative candidate, while current CWAC councillor Andrew Cooper will stand for Labour.