A WINSFORD man who 'throttled' his ex-girlfriend while holding a knife in his other hand because he didn’t like her smoking has avoided jail.

Andrew Brown, of Bradbury Road, also punched her in the chest and arm, and dragged her around by her hood in the front garden, after falling out on a Friday night visit to a social club in Marston on November 4, 2022.

She’d smoked a cigarette outside, which he didn’t approve of, and he lost his temper.

The 28-year-old was so angry his then-partner of two years didn’t want him to drive home, she told police.

As they drove, he punched her in the arms and chest, and when they got home, he grabbed her by the hood of her jacket to stop her getting to the front door before him.

Once inside, they carried on arguing, and end up in a ‘tug of war’ over her work laptop.

At one point, the laptop hit his victim in the face, causing an injury to her lip.

He then went to the kitchen and grabbed a knife and advanced towards her with it, before grabbing her by the throat with the other hand.

Brown eventually let go of her, but punched her several more times, before leaving.

His ex then called her sister, who sent their brother to the house. The brother found her on lying on the couch, shaking and unable to speak.

After the police were called, Brown handed himself in the next day, but denied everything.

He said the only injury she sustained was when the laptop hit her in the face, which was an accident.

Brown appeared at Chester Crown Court for sentencing on Thursday, January 11, after being convicted after a trial on November 30.

He was found guilty of one count on intentional strangulation, one of criminal damage to his ex’s work laptop, and one of assault by beating.

Defending, Myles Wilson said this was ‘a short-lived incident’, adding: “His greatest mitigation is he desisted from the attack of his own accord.

“He accepts his behaviour when this relationship was coming to an end, and in a previous relationship, leaves something to be desired.

“Elsewhere, he is sensible, personable, and pro-social, but he would no doubt benefit from some intervention from the Probation Service in terms of relationships.

“Given he recognises he has this problem, he has a realistic prospect of rehabilitation.”

Passing sentence, his honour Judge Steven Everett said: “I have to deal with these sorts of cases far too often.

“Instead of offering your partner love, affection, and protection, you resorted to abuse, and on this occasion, to violence – throttling your victim while holding a knife."

Judge Everett sentenced Brown to 16 months in prison, suspended for two years.

He must also do 200 hours unpaid work, complete the Building Better Relationships programme, and undertake up to 20 rehabilitation activity requirement days.

He is also banned from the whole Marston area until a further order is made.

Judge Everett added: “You escaped prison by the skin of your teeth.

“If I see the slightest change in your current good behaviour, I’m sending you down.”