A GYM is preparing to move across town.

Team Training will open at its new home at Gadbrook Park on Saturday (January 13), having outgrown its current unit at Kingfisher Court.

The gym, run by experienced health and fitness coach Paul Connor, operates differently to most, with a focus on coach-led group sessions rather than machine workouts.

“I am extremely passionate about helping people change their lives for the better,” said Paul, 52.

“I started Team Training because so many people wanted my time and I couldn’t fit them in individually.

“What I found was that individuals actually worked harder and enjoyed themselves more when working in a group.

“Consistency and adherence to exercise are crucial for results, so the ‘team’ concept was set and it is here to stay.”

Northwich Guardian: Work is underway to transform the unit at Gadbrook ParkWork is underway to transform the unit at Gadbrook Park (Image: Supplied)

Paul added: “I am extremely excited to get going at the new venue.

“Gadbrook Park is an excellent location. I have met several of my new neighbours and I just know myself and the rest of the team are going to be happy there.”

Paul, a Hartford resident, is a lifelong athlete and became a personal trainer in 2002, when he says there were only two or three others in Northwich.

Since then, he has coached more than 20,000 one-to-one hours and helped more than 2,000 people.

Finding himself flooded with interest but not enough time to see everyone, he decided to set up Team Training.

Instead of clients showing up to work out when they want, they book coach-led sessions.

“My members are looked after permanently, 365 days a year,” Paul said.

“They become so involved in what we do that we have created strong friendship groups and exercise has become a way of life.

“We do so much together outside of the gym like hikes and weekends away and we enter lots of races and fitness competitions.”

Northwich Guardian: Team Training focuses on coach-led group sessionsTeam Training focuses on coach-led group sessions (Image: Supplied)

In terms of facilities, Team Training stays away from machines, instead using barbells, sandbags, kettlebells dumbbells, boxes, sleds, tyres and squat racks.

Paul added: “We don’t have the most kit but I guarantee you what we do with that kit will turn anybody into a very fit person provided they commit and work hard.

“The classes are based on my own way of training. I am 52 years old and in the top 0.01 per cent of men my age when it comes down to all-round strength and aerobic capacity. I have developed a model of training over the last 30 years that works.

“We work hard, we feel very challenged but the rewards in feelings of achievement from that are sky high. Nobody ever leaves the gym without a smile on their face, even if it is a bit red and sweaty!”