POLICE are investigating a Christmas Day fire.

Emergency services were called to Winsford on Monday (December 25) following reports of a fire.

One local Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service crew attended the scene on Dee Way shortly before 4pm.

Upon arrival they found a bed frame and wheelie bins had been set alight outside a home.

Firefighters used hose reel jets to extinguish the flames.

Now, firefighters are urging anyone with information about what happened to report it to the police.

A CFRS spokesperson said: "Firefighters used a hose reel water jet to extinguish a bed frame and wheelie bins set alight outside a domestic property.

"Anyone with information should call Cheshire Police on 101."

CFRS were then called out to Dee Way again at 8.13pm on Christmas Day.

Once again, the fire involved two wheelie bins which had been set alight and fireighters were able to extinguish the flames using a hose reel jet.

It is not yet known if the two incidents were linked or if police are investigating the latter.