PRIMARY schoolchildren in Winsford have been spreading festive joy this after they created a sign language video for a popular Christmas song.

Pupils at Darnhall Primary School, which has been teaching British Sign Language (BSL) as part of its curriculum for three years, were all eager to get involved.

The children, who have weekly lessons with the school's specialist BSL teacher, sang and signed along to Brenda Lee's Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree.

Head teacher Sarah Tomlinson said the school decided to introduce BSL to its curriculum due to a former pupil using sign language.

She said: "The children hope you enjoy their signing and singing video and would like to wish everybody a very merry Christmas!

"Children have produced the video for the community and they just love sign language. We have an after-school club for sign language.

"It all stems from when we had a child with us who used sign language.

"They absolutely love the lessons each week and often they will try to learn other things to bring to the lessons as well.

"They will find things out in their own time because it really motivates them."

With BSL already on its curriculum, Darnhall is already ahead of the curve as it was announced this month a sign language GCSE will be offered to students from 2025.

The news came after a 12-week public consultation, from which the Department for Education said it received 'overwhelmingly positive support'.

Mrs Tomlinson added: "We can teach French and we can teach Spanish, but in this day and age, in this country, the children are more likely to come across someone who uses sign language.

"It's really important to have it as part of out language curriculum. It also opens the doors to careers as well.

"Often if you work for the police, or work for certain agencies where being able to communicate with people who use sign is really important, because it might be their only avenue to express themselves.

"We encourage all the children to take part. We've been learning it for three years now and some of the children are really good at it.

"Learning sign language opens the door to other opportunities and is inclusive of others."