EVERYONE loves a New Year’s Eve party but the next morning, not so much.

Starting the new year off with a hangover is practically a tradition, although one we would probably all rather do without.

In a bid to do away with them, pubs in and around Northwich have shared their top tips.

Northwich Guardian: Andy Jones from The Lion Village PubAndy Jones from The Lion Village Pub (Image: Supplied)Andy Jones from The Lion Village Pub, Moulton

“The best hangover cure is obviously not drinking heavily the night before.

“If that's unavoidable, drag yourself up before the hangover hits for a big bacon butty and a can of Irn Bru - it boosts the salt and sugar levels in the body.

“The wife swears by a Bloody Mary. It lines the stomach and takes the edge off!

“If I'm honest we're stocking a great range of alcohol-free products now, slide a couple of these in in-between alcoholic drinks and it'll keep New Year’s merry for everyone!”

Northwich Guardian: Dom Ogden and Chris Mundie from The Salty DogDom Ogden and Chris Mundie from The Salty Dog (Image: Supplied)Dom Ogden and Chris Mundie from The Salty Dog, Northwich

“As always we advocate moderation, best way to avoid a hangover is not to overdo it.

“However, if you do accidentally get a bit too festive, water is your friend, loads of fluids and salty and fatty foods to rehydrate you and soak up any next day excess.

“We also recommend a pub quiz, nothing like a bit of brain work to clear the fog!”