Jenny Kozyra, editor of Red Kite Days Cheshire, shares her review of Goldilocks and the Three Bears at The Grange Theatre in Hartford.

A panto with a storyline you will definitely not have seen before - Goldilocks and the Three Bears! And even if you think you know this classic fairytale,then you still won't be expecting this. 

The team at KD Theatre Productions has created a brand new fairy tale with a Panto twist. The famous characters were there but it doesn't follow the usual story at all. 

What this panto had, was plenty of was jokes, laughter and silliness. Its bursting with those classic panto jokes and one-liners. 

It has got some fabulous routines in, when confusion is the name of the game. In one scene, the Evil Ringmaster is trying to get rid of Silly Billy the Clown by telling him to go talk to three jugglers named "Who, What and I Dont Know" resulting in a hilarious scene of Billy having no idea what's going on. I was impressed with the actors pulling off such complicated lines. 

There are a few more well-rehearsed comical scenes, including a brilliant chocolate bar story and one with a couple of retro boomboxes blasting out well-chosen hits to go along with the story.

These scenes stand alone and don't have much to do with the storyline but definitely add humour to the show and had my little girl's belly laughing. In fact I would forget the story, sit back and just laugh at all the humour.

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Northwich Guardian: The Grange Theatre panto runs until January 1The Grange Theatre panto runs until January 1 (Image: Supplied)

The costumes were fab. We especially loved the three bear outfits. The dame had a multitude of different dresses, and for the grand finale, the whole cast were in gorgeous sparkling outfits. 

It's a lovely local theatre production. Not all singing and dancing like the big theatres, but it's still jam-packed with fun.

One thing i noticed, which seemed a shame, was that there were a lot of empty seats in the audience. So please support this fab theatre. 

Goldilocks and the Three Bears runs until January 1, 2024.

Tickets are priced from £13, with family tickets available for £63.


  • Joe Clarke as Dame Betty Barnum
  • Joey Warne as Silly Billy the Clown
  • Bethany Jane Wynn as Goldilocks
  • Mollie Kate Angus as Mummy Bear
  • Jonny Wakeford as Daddy Bear
  • Eddie Manning as Baby Bear
  • Michael Loftus as The Evil Ringmaster