MID Cheshire has seen the seasons change over the past 12 months from spring through to summer into autumn and then winter.

At the beginning of 2023, we asked our avid amateur photographers to take a picture on the first of every month in the same location somewhere in Mid Cheshire.

We had Marbury Park, the Salt Mines and Vale Royal Locks as well as the Trent and Mersey canal, Higher Whitley and Antrobus.

The same 'Photo A Month' challenge will be running in 2024 - email heidi.summerfield@newsquest.co.uk if you would like to take part.

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Here are the timelapse videos of Mid Cheshire through the seasons:

Dutton Locks by Andrew Gardner

The trees at Marbury Park by Alison Hamlin Hughes

Witton Brook by Janet Rourke

The lone tree at Marbury Park by Alison Hamlin Hughes

St Mary's Church in Whitegate by Julie Webb

The Salt Mine by Karen Swift


The Trent and Mersey canal by Lesley Haynes

Higher Marston by Alison Hamlin Hughes

The pond at Anderton Park by Janet Rourke

Queensgate allotments by Lynne Bentley

St John's Church in Knutsford by Miriam Elder


The gate at Marbury by Andrew Pratt

Vale Royal Locks by Susan McBain


Owley Wood by Tracy Graham

The Salt Mine and River Weaver by Lisa Lacking

Higher Whitley and Antrobus by Lucy Marshall

The Trent and Mersey canal by Wendy Mahon

The pond in Antrobus by Sue Lawless

Hartford oak tree by Peter Clayton