ESTHER McVey took on a new role to help oversee a primary school's mobile phone debate.

The Tatton MP paid a visit earlier this month to Little Leigh Primary School, in her constituency, to talk to the children about her role.

After learning about how voting takes place in the Houses of Parliament, the pupils then voted for their own class council representatives.

Then years five and six took part in a debate about whether children should be allowed to have mobile phones in school, with Esther taking on the role of 'Mr Speaker'.

Esther McVey MP: "It was great to meet the pupils at Little Leigh and to answer their questions as well as supporting their debate in my role as ‘Mr Speaker’.

"I was particularly impressed by those pupils who had to argue against mobile phones in school despite admitting they really wanted them."

Head teacher Toni Clarke said: "We were so thrilled Esther was able to visit our school and give such an insight into her life as a politician. 

"She was so generous with her time, answering all of the children's questions and making them giggle at her stories about Parliament.

"She brought our school council voting process to life and made it an extra special event.

"Esther ensured the children addressed her as 'Mr Speaker' and used the correct terminology such as 'the honourable member' when addressing the opposition.

"Once the children had finished debating, Mr Speaker announced, "I think the 'Noes' have it!" much to the disappointment of the 'Ayes'. So no mobile phones in school for us."