THE devastated owners of a cat which has been missing for more than two weeks have made a desperate appeal to help find her.

Lagertha, a two-year-old Maine Coon, was last seen in Russet Road, Weaverham, at around midday on November 25.

Frances Jonas, who runs The Orchard in Weaverham, has owned Lagertha, and her sister Freya, since buying them on Valentine's Day 2022.

The 61-year-old said Lagertha has been out for the day before, but has never been missing from home for this long.

She added: "I’m devastated. I’ve not slept for weeks. Some people might say ‘it’s only a cat’, but she’s my cat.

"It’s affected me massively. I run a shop – The Orchard on Lime Avenue – and my head just not in anything.

Northwich Guardian: Lagertha, left, with her sister FreyaLagertha, left, with her sister Freya (Image: Frances Jonas)

“We’ve done nothing for Christmas. I can’t focus on anything at the moment as I’m just wondering where is she. Has she been hurt and no-one’s found her?

“It’s like losing a family member. Lagertha will go up to anybody, she’s really affectionate.

“She also used to follow the kids to school and come back with the mums. Everybody knows her round here.

“We just want her home. It would make my Christmas if she came home."

Lagertha is micro-chipped and Frances' husband Mike has been out delivering leaflets in the hope someone has seen her.

Northwich Guardian: Lagertha at homeLagertha at home (Image: Frances Jonas)

She is often seen in Russet Road, Cherry Lane and Laburnam Grove.

Frances and Mike also own a parrot called Caesar and two dogs – springer spaniel Manny and Romanian rescue Cassie – all of whom are missing Lagertha.

Frances added: "Caesar kisses Lagertha every morning and he’s going bonkers looking for her because she’s not there. Her sister Freya is not eating and she goes outside every night howling.

"It’s not just affecting us, but our other animals as well.

“It was crazy how they all got on. It’s lovely to see, they all sleep together. It’s just nice watching them all get on."

If anyone spots Lagertha, please call Mike on 07592 392 673.