EACH week Cheshire West and Chester Council receives and makes decisions on planning applications across the borough.

Here we have rounded up the latest validated and determined applications in and around Northwich and Winsford.

Validated applications

Reduce all trees within 5m of boundary with Barnton Primary School playing fields to monolith to reduce fall risk. 

Address: Pumphouse Wood, Hough Lane, Northwich, CW8 4NY. Reference: 23/03854/TPO.

Beech (T1) to be crown lifted to 6m to give clearance to highway to be done both sides for balance and dead-wooding of the the crown to be carried out. 

Address: Green Lane, Davenham, Northwich CW9 8JA. Reference: 23/03817/TPO.

Non-material amendment relating to planning permission 23/01353/FUL to change roof tiles to whole of roof (including existing roof and new extension) to grey in colour.

Address: Hartford Road, Davenham, Northwich, CW9 8JT. Reference: 23/02881/NMA.

Determined applications

Demolition of single storey building.

Address: St Johns Ambulance Brigade, Larch Close, Weaverham, CW8 3ED. Reference: 23/03602/DEM. Status: Decided.

Removal of existing side garage and erection of single storey side extension.

Address: Parker Avenue, Hartford, Northwich, CW8 3AH. Reference: 23/03245/FUL. Status: Approved.

Single storey rear extension.

Address: Whitworth Green, Hartford, Northwich, CW8 1FZ. Reference: 23/02871/FUL. Status: Approved.

Proposed two storey front/side extension, windows installed on the single storey roof of an existing rear extension.

Address: London Road, Davenham, Northwich, CW9 8HW. Reference: 23/01713/FUL. Status: Approved.

Change of use from agricultural use to equestrian use, erection of field shelter and haystore with 60sqm hardstanding and two stable blocks with 300sqm of hardstanding area enclosed with new access and gates onto Dark Lane (retrospective).

Address: Land At Dark Lane and Marston Lane, Marston, Northwich, Cheshire. Reference: 23/00657/FUL. Status: Approved.

Three fascia signs and one totem sign.

Address: Wharton Retail Park, Nat Lane, Winsford, CW7 3BS.

Ref. No: 23/00492/ADV | Received: Thu 16 Feb 2023 | Validated: Thu 16 Feb 2023 | Status: Approved

Replacement dwelling.

Address: Station Road, Oakmere, Northwich, CW8 2JA. Reference: 22/04405/FUL. Status: Refused.

Change of use of agricultural building to single storey dwellinghouse. 

Address: Barn off Fishpool Road, Delamere, Northwich. Reference: 23/03422/PDQ.| Status: Requires Permission.

Mature Beech and Sycamore tree on boundary - Crown lift both to 7 meters. The right hand sycamore is covered in Ivy. Ivy to be severed and removed at a later date once crispy to minimise damage to tree. 

Address: Morris Park, Hartford, CW8 1SB. Reference: 23/03273/TPO. Status: Approved.

Horse Chestnut which grown into 2 trees from the base. The branches of a large tree need trimming from base up to 3m approx as is intruding into neighbours garden. Small tree requires to be removed as this has seeded from the main tree and is growing too close to main tree. 

Address: Delamere Park Way East, Cuddington, Northwich, CW8 2UE. Reference: 23/03230/TPO. Status: Refused.

Two mature copper beech, said trees are overhanging property and outbuildings. Request to crown lift by 5m and reduce from property by 2m. 

Address: Morris Park, Hartford, CW8 1SB. Reference: 23/03194/TPO. Status: Approved.

Replacement of a two-bay practice facility with a three-bay practice facility at Davenham Cricket Club.

Address: Davenham Cricket Club, Hartford Road, Davenham, Northwich, CW9 8JF. Reference: 23/03162/FUL. Status: Approved.