WINSFORD residents have been left waiting for important letters due delays with the postal service.

It comes due to staff shortages at the local sorting office, meaning many have received notices of medical appointments and jury service late.

The Royal Mail has stated it is doing all it can to get post delivered but admitted staff numbers have affected its output.

A spokesperson said: “The local teams are working extremely hard to ensure a consistent and reliable service to households this Christmas.

“I can say categorically that mail continues to be delivered. Any claim the delivery office won’t be delivering mail is incorrect.

“There are currently issues with lower staff numbers at the delivery office, due to vacancies and high sick absence. We have measures in place to resolve this and are continuing to recruit.

“We are delivering mail daily, and when a route is not completed and a home does not receive the mail it was due, we will prioritise it the following day to ensure any delay is kept to a minimum.”

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Northwich Guardian: Royal MailRoyal Mail (Image: PA)

Vicky Lightfoot, from the Woodford Grange Estate, is one of many residents who has been affected.

She said: “The issue with the post is really frustrating and worrying as multiple hospital letters for my children keep arriving either after their appointments or not at all, which is also the same for medical review reports.

“I understand it’s not the actual posties' fault, but the sorting office needs to get this fixed.

“We’ve lived in Winsford for three years and it’s always been a problem. We go weeks at a time with nothing.”

Becky Lin, of Cherry Crescent in the Dene Estate, added: “It is very stressful at the moment.

“I had a delay receiving my son's personal independence payment forms for his disability.

“I have rushed the forms back and sent them on Monday recorded first class and they still haven't been delivered and are required by tomorrow (December 7).”

It is understood residents have been advised to collect their post from a Customer Service Point.

However, over the summer the Royal Mail cut opening hours at many CSPs due to the introduction of 'automatic redelivery' in May, 'reducing the need' for customers to collect parcels themselves.

A spokesperson added: “To keep pace with the changing behaviour of our customers, and to ensure that resources are allocated to the most appropriate parts of our operation, we have amended the opening hours of some CSPs.

“Approximately half of CSP opening hours have remained at their current times.

“Although some CSPs are only open 8am to 10am on weekdays, all CSPs are open for four hours – 8am to 12pm – every Saturday for those who are at work during the week.”