EACH week Cheshire West and Chester Council receives and makes decisions on planning applications across the borough.

Here we have rounded up the latest validated and determined applications in and around Northwich and Winsford.

Validated applications

Weeping Willow to be reduced in height by approx 4m. Also to reduce the width by approx 2m on two sides where it is endangering the wires.

Address: Church Street, Davenham. Reference: 23/03703/CAT.

Replacement of existing conservatory with single storey extension, external alterations to include new windows, doors, rooflights, gateway and landscaping with internal alterations throughout.

Address: Ainsworth Lane, Crowton, Northwich. Reference: 23/03695/FUL.

Proposed car port.

Address: Fingerpost Lane, Norley, Northwich. Reference: 23/03688/FUL.

Sycamore (T1) - Crown reduce by1.5m to re-balance.

Address: The Dell, Cuddington. Reference: 23/03684/TPO.

Single storey extension to ground floor to rear of dwelling.

Address: Priory Avenue, Davenham. Reference: 23/03662/FUL.

Single storey front porch and garage extensions and single storey rear extension, addition of first floor front glass balustrade and render.

Address: Hadrian Way, Cuddington. Reference: 23/03676/FUL.

Determined applications

Construction of a new water cistern.

Address: Tata Chemicals Europe Limited, Winnington Lane, Northwich. Reference: 23/00308/LDC. Decision: Refused.

Demolition of existing dwelling and erection of detached replacement dwelling.

Address: Brow Lane, Antrobus. Reference: 23/00749/FUL. Decision: Decided.

Change of use to create short term lets.

Address: Warrington Road, Dutton, Northwich. Reference: 23/01253/LBC. Decision: Approved.

Demolition of main office and workshop. Proposed residential development.

Address: Liquid Metering Instruments Ltd, West Dudley Street, Winsford. Reference: 23/01785/FUL. Decision: Approved.

To use existing property as CQC registered care home for one occupant and up to two non-residential carers.

Address: Runcorn Road, Barnton. Reference: 23/01958/LDC. Decision: Approved.

Proposed front boundary wall, posts and gates, garage conversion, alterations to the existing single storey front extension, two store/single storey rear extension and associated alterations.

Address: Hartford Road, Davenham. Reference: 23/02341/FUL. Decision: Approved.

Single storey side extension to dwelling and single storey rear extension to garage, extension of driveway to include new steps and gates with associated landscaping.

Address: Waverton Close, Davenham. Reference: 23/02376/FUL. Decision: Approved.

Four Sycamores (T1-T4) - Crown thin by 30%. Holly Oak (T5) - Reduce canopy away from patio area by 1.5m and crown thin by 30%.

Address: The Coppice, Cuddington. Reference: 23/02626/TPO. Decision: Approved.

Single storey front extension.

Address: Littler Lane, Winsford. Reference: 23/02945/LDC. Decision: Decided.

Single storey rear extension.

Address: Cliff Road, Acton Bridge. Reference: 23/03068/FUL. Decision: Approved.

Oak (T1) - Reduce 1 low limb over road which has been missed by previous reduction. Oak (T2) - Reduce crown by approximately 1-2m and remove any major deadwood.

Address: The Warren, Cuddington. Reference: 23/03089/TPO. Decision: Approved.

Single storey rear extension.

Address: Cromwell Road, Northwich. Reference: 23/03103/FUL. Decision: Approved.

Application for prior notification for part change of use of an existing traditional agricultural building to one dwelling house together with associated operational development.

Address: Land at Park View, Caldwells Gate Lane, Antrobus. Reference: 23/03137/PDQ. Decision: Decided.

Single storey rear extension.

Address: Nixon Drive, Winsford. Reference: 23/03249/LDC. Decision: Decided.

Erection of a forestry building.

Address: Marsh Lane, Dutton, Northwich. Reference: 23/03244/AGR. Decision: Requires Permission.

Single storey rear extension.

Address: Ainsworth Lane, Crowton, Northwich. Reference: 23/03347/HHE. Decision: Requires Permission.

Single storey rear and front extensions (part retrospective).

Address: Kingsway, Winsford. Reference: 23/03477/FUL. Decision: Approved.