PRIMARY schoolchildren in Winsford have enjoyed a trip around the solar system – while on a visit to Jodrell Bank.

The year five class at the Grange Community Nursery and Primary School took a special trip to the observatory earlier this month.

Having been studying the Apollo 11 moon landing, as well as focussing on the Earth and space in their science lessons, the visit offered the children a hands-on learning experience.

Head teacher Sara Albiston said: "As a School of Opportunity, we are very proud of the enriching activities that we have on offer for our children.

Northwich Guardian: Olivia Byrne and Callum ClarkeOlivia Byrne and Callum Clarke (Image: Grange Community Primary School)

"Our curriculum in underpinned by a range of inspiring opportunities that bring learning to life for our children."

While exploring the observatory, the children enjoyed the Star Pavilion exhibits, allowing them to learn about the different technologies used to improve scientists' understanding of space.

The youngsters ended their trip with a tour of the solar system, with Jodrell Bank's Space Dome offering them a view of Earth from space as well as the chance to land on other planets.

Northwich Guardian: Zion Onuigbo and Brooke EdwardsZion Onuigbo and Brooke Edwards (Image: Grange Community Primary School)

Miss Albiston added: "Our children were fully immersed in the magic of space and came back to school full of enthusiasm and knowledge to apply in their future learning."