FANCY a slice of mojito cake or piña colada cake?

Maria Coppackis the creative force behind Cinnamon Girl Bakery and provides the delicious bakes for The Electric Church in Winsford.

She’s been baking for as long as she can remember and friends and family often say she should apply for Great British Bake Off.

Here, in our latest Business of the Week feature, Maria tells us about her “unique and tasty bakes” and which of her cakes are popular with hungry customers.

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Maria Coppack owner of Cinnamon Girl Bakery

Maria Coppack owner of Cinnamon Girl Bakery

What’s your full name?

Maria Coppack

What’s the name of the business?

Cinnamon Girl Bakery

What’s the address?

I bake for my husband’s store - The Electric Church in Winsford

Black forest gateau

Black forest gateau

Are you the owner/manager?

Yes, I am the owner.

When did you open the business?

September 11, 2022

Has it always been in the same location?

Yes, I am baking at home in Chorlton and have a hygiene rating of five.

Coffee, walnut and salted caramel cake

Coffee, walnut and salted caramel cake

Are you local to the area? Did you grow up here?

I was born in Slovakia and I moved to Manchester 20 years ago.

Tell me a bit about your business

I bake for my husband’s store The Electric Church in Winsford. I have been baking for a long time but started Cinnamon Girl Bakery to put a name to the cakes I was making for the cafe. I have put my own twist on a few traditional recipes and created some very popular cakes myself as well!

What do you do? What services do you provide?

I don’t use recipes. I create my own cakes so every single one is unique and tasty. I like to think creatively with my recipes, on how a flavour can be created in the cakes I bake.

Half and half - lemon cake and cherry cake

Half and half - lemon cake and cherry cake

Why did you decide to open your own business?

Baking has always been a passion of mine and I love nothing more than knowing that people are sitting down to enjoy a slice of something sweet, that’s been created by my own hands.

I have worked for Adidas for 13 years and baking has been my hobby for as long as I can remember. We decided to register Cinnamon Girl Bakery as my cakes have been always popular.


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Why this type of business?

I have been baking for neighbours, friends and colleagues and always have such positive feedback. Everybody used to ask why I don’t apply for Bake Off!

Lavender cake

Lavender cake

What makes your business different to others in the same area/field? What sets your business apart from your competitors?

A few notable favourites at The Electric Church have been cocktail inspired recipes like the mojito cake and piña colada cake. There aren’t many places serving cocktail-inspired bakes!

I also bring Slovakian traditional recipes in from time to time like the Obliz Prst (lick your finger), which are always well received.


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Why do loyal customers return to your business?

The Electric Church customers love my cakes and I have many return customers. Most commonly people comment on how light my sponges are. My husband Jimi jokes and tells his customers that there are no calories in my cakes and that’s why the sponge is so light!

What’s next? What do the next few months hold for you and your business?

My husband is currently renovating his business and I am focusing on my career, so I am having couple of weeks break from baking. I already miss it.

Mojito cake

Mojito cake