A DISTRESSED dachshund was rescued by firefighters after getting wedged between a wall and a concrete fence post in Northwich.

A fire crew from Winsford was called to reports of a small dog in trouble on Fearnleigh, near Greenbank railway station, at 10.22pm on Friday, November 24.

When the crew arrived, the three-year-old dachshund, Millie, was wedged in a five-inch gap and was struggling to breathe. 

In a painstaking operation, officers reassured her, while others used a pneumatic rescue device to help free her.

Northwich Guardian: Millie's owner, Rachael Weedall, said the fire crew was 'so calm with her'Millie's owner, Rachael Weedall, said the fire crew was 'so calm with her' (Image: Rachael Weedall)

Airbags were placed between the wall and the post and inflated, making the space between big enough for Millie to struggle free.

The whole operation took around 25 minutes. 

A spokesman for Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service said: "Firefighters were called to help free a small dog that had become trapped between a house and a concrete fence post and was in distress.

"They used specialist inflatable airbags to make the space between larger, and released the pet."

Northwich Guardian: Millie's owner has confimed she's now safe and wellMillie's owner has confimed she's now safe and well (Image: Rachael Weedall)

Millie's owner, Rachael Weedall, has confirmed she's now safe and well.

"It was a very distressing time as you can imagine - she was struggling to breathe," she said.

"I called the RSPCA but their lines were closed, and the emergency vet couldn’t come out, but I don’t know what he would have been able to do for her anyway.

"The firefighters were amazing. They were so calm with her.

"I really can't thanks them enough."