RUGBY players in Northwich have been raising pulses by stripping off to raise money for a new physio suite.  

Northwich RUFC’s current facilities are ‘almost nothing’, says the club’s sports therapist, Jenna Dixon, with just ‘four brick walls and a table’.  

Based at Moss Farm Leisure Complex, the club has been struggling financially since an arson attack ripped through their clubhouse on October 26, 2022.

The idea to raise additional funds for the suite with a naughty calendar struck Jenna after she overheard some of the lads bantering about who was in the best shape, with some even suggesting they could be models.

“That’s when the penny dropped,” said Jenna.

The club engaged local photographer, Andrew Collier, who offered his services for free, and the shoot took place at Moss Farm over two Fridays in October and November.

Northwich Guardian: Northwich RUFC scrum-half, Austin Fernandez, strikes an arty poseNorthwich RUFC scrum-half, Austin Fernandez, strikes an arty pose (Image: Andrew Collier)Jenna, who designed the calendar, said: “It looks absolutely amazing, even if I say so myself.

“To begin with, it was just mickey taking, but it turned into a real project.

“It’s a bit cheeky - to say the least - but we think it’ll make a fantastic Christmas gift.

“We had a lot of fun making it, as you can imagine. We learned I can plank for longer than one of them.

“For the December picture, I bought Santa hats with ‘naughty’ and ‘nice’ on them, and we had a competition to decide who was who.

“It’s actually pretty hard to promote on social media due to all the restriction on nudity, which includes just having no top on.”

Jenna says the team deserves better sports therapy facilities.

She added: “Since the last physio left, the lads literally have a bed and four brick walls.

“That’s no good for a medical room. There’s just nothing in it.

"After the devastating fire they had last year, the club just don’t have the money to invest right now, but the lads put themselves at risk of serious accidents on a weekly basis.

"Don’t forget, they don’t get paid. It’s something they do because they love rugby.

“They deserve all the help they can get.”

The new Northwich RUFC calendar will be published on Thursday, November 23.

It will be for sale though the Northwich RUFC website, at Northwich Radio, the Studio hairdressers in Cuddington, or email Jenna on