A RETIRED Winsford GP is helping residents come together in the fight against climate change.

The new group – provisionally called Winsford Environment and Nature - aims to raise awareness of problems linked both to climate change and poor health, such as air pollution. 

Up to now, the group has met twice, and will be meeting again on Wednesday, November 22, at the GGO Community Bungalow on Finsbury Walk, to share ideas and skills. 

They hope to look at things like promoting better home insulation in the town to help reduce fossil fuel burning, and to campaign for improvements to public transport and cycle routes, which will encourage people to leave their cars at home.

Northwich Guardian: The ehibition can be viewed at Winsford Library until mid-DecemberThe ehibition can be viewed at Winsford Library until mid-December (Image: Kathy Fallon)

What’s more, the group has just launched an exhibition at Winsford Library, curated by environment and health campaigner, retired GP Kathy Fallon, which publicises their work and ideas.   

Kathy says it is a space to share ideas, stories and tips about what people are doing locally to reduce their carbon emissions and impact on the environment.

“We want Winsford Environment and Nature to grow, and that’s the main reason behind putting on the exhibition," she said. 

“Most people have a vague awareness of climate change as real and happening, but they don’t realise how serious the problem is.

“There’s no doubt changing the whole broken system is the biggest thing when it comes to tackling climate change and its health impacts, but that’s a lot to think about for most people.  

“This is largely because they haven’t been told the truth. We’ve all been lied to for decades.

“We want people to be informed about climate change about how it impacts your health.

“Conversely, everything we need to do about climate change is beneficial for your health.

“It’s a win-win situation, if only the government would see it that way."

Kathy hopes the group will go on to provide talks and training sessions on subjects such as growing your own food, repairing clothes, upcycling, and avoiding waste in cookery.

The exhibition can be viewed at Winsford Library until mid-December.

“There’s a lot of disinformation out there, and we want to remedy it," Kathy added. 

“And hopefully, people will leave with ideas for thing they can do, either individually, or in their communities and places of work.

“Individual changes may be not important without system change, but there’s an argument that one can lead to the other.”

For more information about the group, or to get involved, call Kathy on 07936804236.