A LIFELONG Manchester City fan, who still retains her dislike for 'all things United', is celebrating her 100th birthday.

Lostock Gralam born and bred, Marian McHugh reached the landmark occasion today (November 17).

She lived most of her life in the village outside Northwich before moving to Westwood Court Home in Winsford five years ago to receive care for her dementia.

Despite the illness, she continues to be just as passionate about the Citizens as she was when she first watched them play 90 years ago.

Nephew Steve McHugh said: “In her childhood in the early 1930s, Marian was taken to Maine Road by her father and remains a lifelong Manchester City fan.

“She was of a generation to see Matt Busby play for City before the Second World War.

“Well into her 90s she could list famous City players of the past and to this day retains her antipathy to all things United.”

He added: “Marian was born not long after the end of the First World War.

“She has lived through times that are difficult for us to fully comprehend.

“She has known both love and tragedy, hardship and comfort, but throughout all this her feistiness and character has kept her strong and positive and still going at 100 years old.”

An only child, Marian was born on November 17, 1923, at home in Brook Street to mother Ethel Marion Blackhurst (née Ainsworth) and father Sydney Blackhurst, an employee at nearby Lostock Alkali Works.

She married Joe McHugh in 1956 at St Wilfred’s Church, Northwich.

Marian and Joe shared a passion for horse racing and avidly watched the horses on TV as well as travelling around the UK to attend meets.

Their only child Barbara was born in 1960 but tragically she was born disabled and died aged only three-years-old.

“Marian’s love for Barbara, or ‘Baby’ as she is called, remains as strong today as it ever was,” Steve added.

Joe and Marian moved to School Lane, Lostock Gralam, where Marian enjoyed watching and hearing the joy of the children at the primary school.

After Joe died in 1993, she was supported by family, friendly neighbours and latterly care home visitors.

However, by the time she turned 95 her care needs meant she had to finally leave Lostock Gralam, moving into Westwood Court Home in Winsford.

Gail Jones and Amanda Orme, activities co-ordinators at the home, said: "Marian loves to sing Tipperary and all the old time war songs.

"Marian enjoys the music and talking about her past."