I welcome the new agenda from the Government as set out in the King’s Speech and the benefits it will bring to people across Eddisbury.

For too long, governments of all colours have made short-term decisions instead of focusing on the right long-term decisions that will safeguard the future prosperity of our county and our country.

Legislation will focus on four key areas.

First, growing the economy by introducing bills that protect our energy security, secure the benefits of Brexit – including agriculture – and ensure we have the proper framework for tech firms to compete and grow in the UK.

Second, strengthening society by protecting young people’s health, supporting private renters and landlords, and eradicating antisemitism everywhere.

This includes the Holocaust Memorial Bill, which will provide for the building of a national Holocaust Memorial and Learning Centre.

Third, keeping people safe by making sure the police have the powers they need, criminals get the punishment they deserve, and society is protected from terrorism. This includes the Sentencing Bill and the Criminal Justice Bill, giving the police more powers to keep us safe – including in our rural communities.

Fourth, promoting our national interests by backing His Majesty’s Armed Forces, supporting Ukraine, and leading the way on the challenges of the future: climate change and AI.

In each of these areas, the Government is taking the right long-term action to deliver change and a brighter future for everyone in the UK, whilst continuing to halve inflation; improve connectivity by strengthening transport links and rolling out superfast broadband; prioritise higher growth over extra borrowing; reduce debt, and relieve pressure on the NHS by cutting waiting lists.

If we are going to improve people’s lives for the better in Eddisbury, we must deliver long-term solutions to the problems Cheshire families and businesses face.

To make the real change this country needs, the bills the Government will bring forward will strengthen our society, help people feel safer in their own communities, and give a sense of pride in the place they call home.