A BRUSH with death pushed a wedding planner to chase her dreams.

Andrea Louise has opened up her own gift and flower shop in Northwich Market.

It comes after the 44-year-old had a “near death experience” earlier this year.

She said: “In January I fell ill and had several months that were medically unpleasant.

“I had a near death experience and being lucky to recover, I decided it was time to make this venture work, as life is too short.”

Northwich Guardian: Pixels and Petals opened earlier this monthPixels and Petals opened earlier this month (Image: Andrea Louise)

Her brand, Pixels and Petals, was inspired by a love of nature and people.

Andrea, who lives in Altrincham, has 15 years of experience as a wedding and event planner, working on hundreds if not thousands of events in that time.

She first started out by organising charity events for the Christie after losing a friend to breast cancer.

Realising she had a talent and a passion for it, she then spent time working for several big-name venues, planning and managing events as well as dressing venues for weddings and parties.

When lockdown hit in 2020, Andrea’s mental health took a hit and she began going on walks and found another love, nature.

She took photographs on her strolls and after a few years her family and friends encouraged her to start selling them.

“As people’s priorities changed following a pandemic, I was desperate to make life worth it,” she said.

“I wanted to fulfil my dreams by owning my own business but just couldn’t find a way as a single mum needing to keep a roof over my head financially.”

Northwich Guardian: The store sells prints of her photography, handmade gifts and flower arrangements The store sells prints of her photography, handmade gifts and flower arrangements (Image: Andrea Louise)

Following the health scare in January, she decided enough was enough and Pixels and Petals finally opened at Northwich Market on Saturday (November 4).

Alongside her photos, Andrea’s store sells fresh and silk flower arrangements and other handmade gifts.

In the near future, she is hoping to start running activity workshops for both adults and children.