REMEMBRANCE Sunday is almost upon us.

Northwich will come together this weekend to pay respects to all who have served and lost their lives for our country.

The Town Council will once again hold a parade in partnership with the Royal British Legion and St Helens Church. 

A spokesperson said: "This Remembrance Parade is a way for us to come together as a community, to honour and remember those who have served our country and to express our gratitude to them.

"We hope to see you there to join us in this important moment of remembrance."

The parade will commence at 9.50am from Crum Hill, turning left onto Chester Way and then into Church Road through the Lych Gates.

This will be followed by a Church Service at St Helens Church, led by Reverend Andrew Ridley, which will begin at 10.15am.

After the service, the parade will turn left and those not laying a wreath will make their way to the cenotaph along Church Road.

Wreath Layers will be directed by NTC staff to stand in front of the cenotaph and wait to be called to lay their wreath. 

Once the Act of Remembrance has taken place, the parade will reform and march back to Chester Way where the Mayor will take the salute. 

Finally, the parade will fall out at the back of Brio, bringing the event to a close.