SCAMMERS have been reported in Northwich.

Cheshire Police has issued a warning amid a spate of reports of 'hawkers' going door-to-door in the town.

Hawkers attempt to sell "sub-standard products at an inflated price", police say.

They will also often have a fake ID claiming to be an ex-offender as part of a rehabilitation.

PCSO Nichola Devey of the Nortwhich Local Policing Unit said: "Recently we have seen an increase in reports of Hawkers knocking door to door across the Northwich area. 

"Hawkers are people who will attend residential properties trying to sell sub standard products at an inflated price.

"Most of the 'hawkers' will have a form of ID claiming to be an ex-offender and part of a rehabilitation programme.

"However this is not part of any recognised rehabilitation scheme. 

"Do not purchase any products from these people and ring 101 straight away."