CLOSURES have been put in place around a Cheshire beauty spot.

Timber harvesting is now underway at Delamere Forest as part of Forestry England’s Forest Management Plan.

This is a process that has been taking place at the forest for nearly 100 years, with trees planted, grown and then cut down for timber.

The trees that will be brought down this season were planted between 1949 and 1999 and are now fully grown.

These areas will then be replanted, with many of the new trees coming from Forest England’s nursery in Lobslack.

In order to carry this work out, various parts of the forest will have to be shut off to the public.

A Forestry England spokesperson said: “When the work is underway, please make sure you follow all safety signage and any diversions or trail closures that are in place.

“Tree harvesting machinery can be dangerous and keeping our staff and visitors safe is our number one priority.

“So, whilst it might feel disappointing that your visit to Delamere Forest is different to normal, or that some areas are currently out of bounds, it is incredibly important that all safety signage is followed.”

The closures came into effect on Monday, October 30.

The Linmere Trail, Gruffalo Sculpture Trail and the grey and blue cycling trails are all closed for the duration of the week.

As is the Orienteering Course.

There will also be partial closure of the Blakemere Trail, Hunger Hill Trail and Whitemoor Trail, with visitors asked to follow the diversion signage.

Meanwhile the Old Pale Trail and the Zog Children’s Activity Trail will be fully open as normal.

"We will be working hard to get these areas open again as soon as possible," added the Forestry England spokesperson.

"Please continue to follow any onsite signage and thank you for bearing with us during this time."