RESIDENTS in Winsford have been issued a warning ahead of an illegal bonfire and firework display potentially returning this year.

In previous years, an unsanctioned and unsafe event has taken place on land off Greenfields belonging to the Weaver Vale Housing Trust (WVHT).

WVHT says it has had to spend more than £10,000 repairing the damage caused by this event in the past.

Now the housing association is urging Greenfields residents, and those in the surrounding area, to attend the official public bonfire and firework display at Barton Stadium.

Sylvia Pascoe, neighbourhood experience manager at WVHT, said: “This event has never had permission to go ahead.

"In the past, this gathering has caused real distress to local people and damage to a much-used and loved piece of land, where we have recently planted a wildflower meadow.

Northwich Guardian: Councillors, WVHT staff and police at the site of last year's illegal bonfireCouncillors, WVHT staff and police at the site of last year's illegal bonfire (Image: WVHT)

"People are worried about fire damage to their homes, the lack of safety measures, and emergency services not being able to reach them safely during one of the busiest weekends of the year.

"In previous years this illegal event has cost WVHT more than £10,000 to repair the damage - money which could have been used to improve our tenants’ homes.

“WVHT is reminding people that anyone who attends this event does so at their own risk and no one can be held accountable for any accidents that may occur.

“If this event does go ahead and you feel in danger, we urge you to call the police.

“Please enjoy Bonfire Night festivities, but not at the expense of other people’s safety and wellbeing.

"Head to an organised public display which has been set up safely for everyone to enjoy.”

Winsford Town Council is promoting an official display on Saturday, November 4, which starts around 7.30pm at Barton Stadium, with performances on stage from Winsford Academy, food stalls, bars and plenty more for the family to enjoy.