A NORTHWICH man has been hit with a three-year road ban after getting behind the wheel while on cocaine.

Callum Fleet, of Lilac Drive, was travelling along King Street in Middlewich when he was caught on April 22 earlier this year.

A subsequent blood test revealed the 25-year-old had more than 800ug/L of Benzoylecgonine (a cocaine breakdown product), in his system – 16 times the legal limit of 50ug/L.

Fleet also had at least 20ug/L of cocaine in his blood, exceeding the limit of 10ug/L.

He appeared at Chester Magistrates Court on October 26 where he pleaded guilty to two counts of drug-driving.

Taking his pleas into account, magistrates disqualified Fleet from driving for 36 months and fined him £380.

The bench also ordered him to pay £120 in court costs to the Crown Prosecution Service and a £152 surcharge.