STORM Babet has separated a cat from its owner. 

A search has been launched for a cat called Clarence who was left on a boat swept away as a result of the storm.

The boat had been moored by Anderton Boat Lift on the River Weaver.

A spokesperson for the lift said: “Friends of Anderton, neighbours, locals, if anyone sees this cat, or sees posts of vet’s found cats, please keep an eye out for this one.

”This is Clarence, he was on a boat on the River Weaver which has sadly been swept away, but he was able to get off.

“He's very friendly and we'd like to help reunite with his owner so she's not lost her boat and pet on the same day.”

As a result of “extensive” flood damage, Anderton Boat Lift had to cancel all boat trips this weekend.

However, the coffee shop and visitor centre remain open.