CONCERNS have been raised over the safety of unfinished roads and pavements on a new estate in Northwich.

Winnington Village is being developed in several phases by a consortium of David Wilson Homes, Taylor Wimpey, and Morris Homes.

The part where Anthony Lewis-Meek and husband James live with their 16-month-old twin sons has been occupied for more than four years.

Anthony says the roads and footpaths near his home have just been left unfinished, forcing him to drive even short distances because it’s near impossible to get around safely with the twins’ pram.

The couple have been appealing to vendor David Wilson Homes since they bought their house two years ago, and while they’ve received assurances the work will be done, no progress has been made.

Anthony says he fells ‘let down and frustrated’, adding: “We feel like we’re just getting fobbed off. We’ve totally lost faith in them.

“The roads and foot paths are just a mess. They're a blight on the whole estate.   

“We can’t walk to the park with the kids in the pram. We're having to drive to places just to cross the estate safely.

“We’ve had a few close calls with the pram, trying to get it up and down the kerbs.

“The front wheels have got caught in the cracks. You’ve really got to have your wits about you.

“Going to the nursery across the road, there’s literally no proper route to it. They’ve dug up pathways, but they’ve never been finished. You’ve got to walk in the roads.  

“We’ve been on to David Wilson Homes for four years now, and they’ve promised and promised they’re going to be fix, but it’s all come to nothing.

“The latest one was they were supposed to be finished by the end of the summer holidays. They listed off a reem of jobs which needed to be done, but the deadlines are just pushed back without ever being communicated.”

David Wilson Homes have apologised to residents, and acknowledged the work has taken longer than planned.

They say necessary work to improve the drainage system has been a factor in the delay, and have provided new provisional dates for the work to be completed.

A spokesperson for the development consortium, including David Wilson homes,  said: “We are sorry that the final works at our Northwich development have taken longer that we had originally hoped for.

"Having now completed essential drainage improvements, we have agreed a plan to carry out the highway and footpath remedial works which will allow completion of the surfacing of the roads.

“Once a contractor has been appointed to undertake this, we expect the remaining works to begin in the next three weeks and to be completed in the new year.

“We are committed to ensuring the area meets the needs of the local community as soon as possible.”

Anthony added: “In May, they said it was going to start in June and it would be finished in September. The year before it was going be starting in January and finished by April.

“We were sold this lovely nice new area, and we’re yet to benefit, five years on.”