CHARITIES have come together to support a child in Northwich.

Kiara Millington has non-verbal autism, meaning she struggles to communicate and sometimes lash out in frustration.

In need of specialist equipment but without the financial means to acquire it, Kiara's family has been supported by Northwich Rotary Club.

Her mother, Sarah Blakeman, said: “We’re not going to lie it has been very hard at times, having to guess what your child wants and needs is very difficult but we manage with a few meltdowns along the way.

“The reality of her not hitting the milestones as fast as her peers is hard, but every little new thing she does or learns is an amazing step to us.”

Northwich Guardian: Kiara MillingtonKiara Millington (Image: Supplied)

Kiara was diagnosed with non-verbal autism in September 2022 but has been receiving additional support since she was 14 months old.

She lives in Northwich with her mum, dad Nick and a two-year-old sister.

Kiara’s behaviour can be unpredictable and she often struggles in noisy environments, and does not walk outside of the home.

Now three years old, she no longer fits in standard buggies available on the high street and is in need of a specialist model which costs nearly £1,000, beyond the current financial capabilities of her family.

This prompted the Rotary to reach out to Handicapped Children’s Action Group (HCAG).

HCAG is a registered charity which helps provide specialist equipment for children with disabilities, learning difficulties and other special needs.

Such equipment is not available through the NHS and is often beyond the financial means of the families.

Peter Holland, president of Northwich Rotary, said: “Residents are aware that Rotary in Northwich puts on numerous community events throughout the year, but what is less well known is that all the surplus funds raised go to local, national and international good causes.

“We were delighted to be asked to help Kiara’s family purchase a new buggy for her. This is exactly the sort of support we can provide in our local community. It will bring a new quality of life to Kiara and her family.”

Sarah, who works part-time as both a kitchen assistant at Sir John Deane’s College and a manager at the Swinging Witch, added: “It has made such a huge difference, we are so grateful.

“Kiara loves her new pushchair, she feels comfortable and safe - we have been able to go out more as a family knowing she is safe and knowing that this will help with her development to be able to go out more and learn new things.”