BEAVER babies born at a Cheshire nature reserve have been named.

Three kits were born at Hatchmere this summer following the reintroduction of the species.

Now, Cheshire Wildlife Trust (CWT) has revealed their names, which were voted for by the public.

The trio will henceforth be know as Bracken, Maple and Swampy.

CWT's wetland programme manager Kev Feeney said: “It’s fantastic to see people share our excitement about the news of our new kits and the growing family at Hatchmere.

"We had so many brilliant names submitted, it was tricky to narrow it down to just fifteen!

"I’m really happy with the names that the public have picked.

"Bracken, Maple and Swampy are settling into family life with the rest of the beaver family and getting ready for winter at Hatchmere.

"We’ll be keeping an eye on our wildlife cameras for more footage of the family to share with everyone”.    

A pair of beavers were released into a 10-acre enclosure at Hatchmere in November 2020.

The couple gave birth to their first kits in 2022, the first to be born in Cheshire for over 400 years.

This was followed by the arrival of the triplets in July.

A list of 350 names were suggested for the kits which Mr Feeney whittled down to 15.

Almost 400 people then voted for their favourite, with Bracken, Maple and Swampy coming out on top.

The reintroduction of beavers forms part of the trust’s five-year ‘nature-led’ project to save and restore the wetland ecosystem.

By digging canal systems, damming water courses and coppicing tree and shrub species the beavers will help to create wetlands which will in turn benefit other species.

Cheshire Wildlife Trust is continuing to raise funds to support their project, with around £17,000 still needed.