DELAMERE Forest will be expanded by the creation of a new woodland.

Hondslough Farm, at the northern edge of Delamere, was recently purchased from Cheshire West and Chester Council and will soon be turned into a 40-hectare woodland joining on to the Cheshire forest.

Forestry England will transform the site, currently used as farmland, by planting a mix of conifer and broadleaf trees, which have been specially selected to be resilient to future climate conditions.

Councillor Louise Gittins, leader of CWAC, said: “The council is committed to tackling climate change, including the creation of more woodland across the borough.

“Hondslough Farm will be in excellent hands with Forestry England and this land will provide additional areas to explore and enjoyment for the thousands of visitors to Delamere Forest.

“I’d encourage as many people as possible to look at the plans that Forestry England are sharing and I’m sure they will agree that this will be a very welcome addition to the already magnificent Delamere Forest.”

The new woodland will be managed as part of Delamere Forest, which covers 753 hectares and welcomes around 750,000 visitors each year .

One area of Hondslough Wood will be planted as a seed stand, an area specially managed to grow trees and collect their seeds, which will supply Forestry England’s nursery based close to Delamere Forest at Lobslack.

The site will also be open to the public.

Paddy Harrop, forest management director, said: “This new area of woodland for Delamere Forest is going to be a wonderful forest landscape for visitors to enjoy in every season.

“And creating this woodland next to established forest also means we’ll be expanding existing wildlife habitats to provide greater benefits for biodiversity.

“We’re now deciding the right mix of trees to plant here to support wildlife and flourish in the decades ahead.

“Our design will incorporate some areas of open space and shrubs so that we have a rich mosaic of different habitats supporting a range of wildlife including birds, insects and amphibians.

“I’m delighted that we’re able to move ahead quickly with creating this new woodland and will be planting the trees this coming autumn and winter.”

Hondslough Wood is the second ‘Coronation Wood’ Forestry England is planting to celebrate the Coronation of King Charles III, supported by the Government’s Nature for Climate Fund.

Forestry England corporate partner AstraZeneca is funding the tree planting for the new woodland site as part of their AZ Forest global reforestation and biodiversity programme. 

People will have a chance to give their views and feedback on the woodland design through a public consultation event taking place on Tuesday (October 10) at Delamere visitor centre from 4pm to 7pm.

There is also an opportunity to submit views online, with the online consultation closing on October 22.