If you haven’t yet heard of Simone Thomas Wellness, you soon will!

The award-winning range of supplements created by the Dorset based wellness guru is stocked in Harrods Pharmacy and Day Lewis group, as well as in America, with a recent product launch with Walmart.

She now has her sights set on the Far East, Australia and New Zealand.

Simone Thomas Wellness enters exclusive partnership with Living Magazines

Northwich Guardian: Simone ThomasSimone Thomas (Image: Simone Thomas Wellness)

But first, Living is delighted to announce an exclusive partnership with Simone, who’ll be sharing her wealth of expertise on a range of topics – including menopause, hair loss, fertility, men’s health, sleep habits and mental wellbeing – over the next 12 months. 


As the founder of Simone Thomas Wellness, Simone’s worked in the industry for many years, first taking an interest in hair loss when she experienced alopecia.


Her research and expertise led to the creation of her own chain of hair loss clinics and salons in Westbourne, Wokingham and Harley Street.

Eager to expand her knowledge, Simone, who lives in Dorset with her two sons, continues to delve into the world of wellness, and has developed a range of award-winning supplements aimed at helping you feel your best every day.

Expertly formulated and scientifically backed, the supplements are the perfect way to reclaim your confidence and put your health first.

From hair growth to gut health, you’ll find the perfect supplement for you.

Northwich Guardian: Simone Thomas Wellness packageSimone Thomas Wellness package (Image: Simone Thomas Wellness)

Last year alone, Simone was featured in 159 national press articles, clearly having established herself as THE “go-to wellness expert”.

As well as the aforementioned contracts with Harrods.com and Harrods Pharmacy in store and Day Lewis Group, the brand has its own trademarked platform on Amazon in America and Canada, with five star reviews across the board.

Simone studied nutrition before coming up with her own, award-winning supplement formulas and the Simone Thomas Wellness products are in the running for seven awards this year alone, with numerous A-list stars.

As well as all that, Simone has re-launched her podcast with AllBeauty in her role as the brand’s wellness contributor, which will see her chatting with some high profile celebrities in the coming months.

Northwich Guardian: Simone Thomas WellnessSimone Thomas Wellness (Image: Simone Thomas Wellness)


“Over the years we’ve treated thousands of people with skin issues and fertility, men’s health, children’s health, nutrition, menopause and hair loss,” Simone says, when I ask about the drive for success.

“Aside from supplements, we have a team behind the scenes that do tests and come up with a treatment plan for men’s health, menopause, long Covid, fertility and a range of other health issues.”

The best-selling author also has two more books in the pipeline, focusing on women’s health, endometriosis and menopause.

“I’m really looking forward to the next 12 months with Living,” says Simone, “writing about key topics to educate readers and, hopefully, improve their overall health and wellbeing".

You can get your October Living magazine today and see the first of her advice and tips with the October issue being a focus on understanding menopause. View your copy online, which is free to subscribe

simonethomaswellness.com is offering an exclusive discount code to Living readers with 20% off their first order when using code: living20.