A SELDOM-seen critter which could be one of only 25 in the UK has been filmed in a Northwich park.   

Philip Rhodes, an A&E paramedic from Warrington, was taking some much-needed downtime in Marbury Park on Monday, September 25, when he caught site of the snowy critter from his car.

The 46-year-old says he didn’t even know white squirrels existed, and it ‘really stood out’ against the darker ground.

White squirrels are actually grey squirrels with the albino or leucistic gene which affects just one in 100,000, meaning there could be as few as 25 in the whole country.

If that’s not enough, their brilliant white fur makes them stand out from the crowd, so they’re much more susceptible to predators than their drab brothers and sisters.

Philip, who’s originally from Birmingham but has made Warrington his home, said: “To be honest, I was really shocked.

“We go to Marbury quite a bit, but I’ve never seen a white squirrel there.

“Thinking about it, I’ve never even heard of one. I’ve look them up and they’re very rare – maybe just 25 in the UK.

“I was taken aback because he really stood out. It was a bright white, especially on the dark background where it was.

"He looked like he was burying something.

“I was in two minds about sharing the video in case someone tries to catch it.

Northwich Guardian: Their white fur makes them more visible to predatorsTheir white fur makes them more visible to predators (Image: Philip Rhodes)

Philip says his park visits are really important to him, as at times, his job can be really stressful.  

He added: “I work in A&E on the emergency ambulances and I use the park as an escape from the stress.

“Sometimes you just need to clear you head of any upsetting jobs you’ve had to do in the week.

“We’re encouraged to get outside and get time away from everything.

“Marbury is where I go for that kind of meditation.”