BEATLEMANIA swept through Northwich in the 60s.

The Fab Four played in the Mid Cheshire town six times between 1962 and 1963, just as their journey to global stardom was getting into full flow.

Sixty years on from their final appearance, we asked Guardian readers to share their memories.

“People in Northwich got to see everybody back then, it was fantastic,” said Peter Scott, whose father, Harry, took charge of Memorial Hall in 1965.

Now 74, Peter added: “All the top acts of the day appeared at the Morg.

“It will never be replicated, there’s no way a promoter could get such big names to come to a venue with a few hundred seats now.”

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Northwich Guardian: George Harrison and Ringo Starr at Northwich CarnivalGeorge Harrison and Ringo Starr at Northwich Carnival (Image: Tracks Ltd)

Peter saw The Beatles during their performance at Northwich Carnival on July 6, 1963.

“The Beatles were fabulous,” he added.

“They played the songs that us youngsters wanted to hear, they came along singing something we had never heard before.”

Also there that day was Mo Motson, who had an unforgettable encounter.

Mo, 72, said: “My dad drove them round all day in his work van and I went with him.

“They were absolutely fantastic lads.

“That was a day I will never forget.”

John Evans’ partner managed to get even closer to the band.

“My wife had her hand on the stage in Verdin Park and Paul stood on it – hasn’t washed it since!” he said.

Northwich Guardian: John Lennon at Northwich CarnivalJohn Lennon at Northwich Carnival (Image: Tracks Ltd)

Meanwhile, Laraine Johnson was lucky enough to see the Liverpool legends perform on more than one occasion.

She said: “I saw them at least four times at the Morg and loved every minute.

“Those times are something I will never forget. We were so lucky.”

The Beatles played in Northwich for the final time on September 14, 1963.

Graham Roughsedge recalls working during the historic occasion.

He said: “I was on the gate that day and the crowd overwhelmed us and pushed the gate out of their way!”