WOULD you be more inclined to date someone if they had a dog?

What’s your dealbreaker when it comes to dating someone?

Today is National Singles Day – a day that was created in the 1980s where singletons can embrace being free from romantic commitment or obligation.

Over the past few years, it’s become a special occasion for singles to get together, meet people, make friends and have fun.

A new study conducted on dating app Tinder has revealed that more than a third of British people – 36 per cent - are more inclined to date someone if they had a dog or said they loved dogs.

There’s a 50 per cent match-rate for profiles featuring pet dogs compared to 46 per cent without a dog and dog experts have offered some top tips on how to handle a first date if you want your four-legged friend by your side.

Northwich Guardian: Would you swipe right if someone had their dog in their profile picture?Would you swipe right if someone had their dog in their profile picture? (Image: Pixabay)

What’s your dealbreaker when it comes to dating someone new?

Do they need to be a pet lover? Would you like them to live in Warrington? Should they have the same hobbies as you?

The survey revealed that three in five people admit to being a dog lover with just 20 per cent of those asked declaring they aren’t fond of dogs at all.

With so many dog owners in the UK, experts at pet brand Lords and Labradors conducted a social experiment to investigate if featuring your four-legged friend in your dating profile made people more interested in dating you and it turns out it does!

Simply mentioning that she loved chilling with her dog Milo, one user resulted in an increased match rate the pooch being mentioned in 27 per cent of first messages as potential dates introduced themselves.

Lords and Labradors founder Johanna Buitelaar-Warden said: “It’s unsurprising that we’re a nation of dog-lovers so why not use your dog to get a date? 

“Having a dog can show a potential partner many attractive qualities.

“Being a dog owner means you are responsible, loyal and caring, which many people look for in a future relationship.  

“If you do go on a dog-walk for a first-date date, think about your dog’s personality and how they might be feeling too.

“Your dog might also be protective of you so allow your date to greet your dog before greeting you first. 

“Likewise, some dogs can be hesitant around strangers so it’s important to set expectations with your date beforehand.

“You could even encourage them to bring treats for your dog.”  

Some 2,000 adults were asked their views on dating dog owners with one in six (14.6 per cent) saying they would only date people who love dogs or who own a dog.

Would you take your dog on a first date? Would you only date someone who said they were a dog lover?