A DETERMINED high school student is running 168km in 28 days to help people in Kenya.

Next year, Charlotte King is embarking on an expedition to the African country with Camps International to help make a difference in people's lives there.

A number of projects will be taking place to help local communities as well as some focusing on wildlife conservation.

And throughout September, the Weaverham High School student is running six kilometres a day to raise funds to support the upcoming projects.

Charlotte, aged 14, was inspired to take on the fundraising challenge after hearing young Kenyan girls miss out on their education by having to walk six kilometres on average each day to collect water - and not always clean water - for their families.

She said: "I really want to do the expedition and the activities before it because I think it is important to help others and also better yourself.

"I feel grateful for what I have, but it makes me angry that people in Kenya still live without easy access to essentials like water.

Northwich Guardian: Charlotte is a student at Weaverham High SchoolCharlotte is a student at Weaverham High School (Image: Nicola Haupt)

"While I'm out in Kenya, I hope to be able to help communities improve facilities for basic life essentials and education.

"This will help all members of the community, but especially young girls like me to get a better education and improve their lives.

"It would mean a lot to make a difference to someone's life and improve their situation.

"I feel helping others is a reason for being here and if I can help change things for the better the whole experience of going on expedition will be worth it. "

Not only is Charlotte going on the expedition to help communities in Kenya, she is hoping the experience will enrich her own life too.

She added: "I wanted to take part in the expedition to experience a different culture and view of life. 

"I also personally want to do this to gain confidence in speaking to people, as well as in my own abilities.

"It also gives me something to work towards and motivation to stay in the school setting that I am struggling with.

"I hope by going through this experience that I can reduce the struggle in these areas and therefore help me long term in not just daily life but in education and jobs in the future."

Proud mum Nicola said: "Charlotte's doing really well and has been going out before school.

"This expedition will take her out of her comfort zone. She has been struggling with social anxiety and it's going to be a challenge.

"But she's determined and I'm sure she'll overcome the challenge."

Anyone wishing to donate or who may be able to offer corporate sponsorship can do so through Charlotte's Go Fund Me page here.