CATTLE are being stolen across the county.

Cheshire Police’s rural crime team is investigating reports of cattle thefts.

Seven animals were stolen in the Knutsford area, followed by six more in the Northwich area.

Sergeant Rob Simpson believes the culprit “knows what they are doing” and has urged farmers to be on alert.

He said: “Sadly and very unusually for Cheshire, we have seen two thefts of cattle recently.

“I would suggest that this is someone who knows what they're doing and the cattle were taken straight to a slaughter house.

“However we keep an open mind and we are completing a number of enquiries.:

Sergeant Simpson added: “What do we need from you? Well if you see people moving cattle, it may or may not be the farmer who owns them. 

“Maybe take a note of what vehicle they're in, what they look like etc, just incase. 

“You might be the person who gives us the missing jigsaw piece. 

“If you're the farmer, where possible lock your gates, turn a hinge upside-down so the gates can't be lifted and keep a regular eye on your stock numbers. 

“We all need to play our part in looking after our rural and farming communities, especially if we like to eat, drink, wear clothes etc!”