THERE have been many memorable adverts over the years, but there could be a new one which sticks in the minds of Northwich residents.

Telecoms company Three UK has this summer launched a new ad campaign encouraging customers to ‘Live Your Best Phone Life’.

The advert follows a grandma named Carol living her best phone life, continually coo-ing and ‘awww’-ing at her phone, regardless of what she is supposed to be doing.

And eagle-eyed viewers have spotted that one of the locations – for Carol's date night with husband Trevor – is set at none other than The Plaza in Northwich.

The iconic building features in a scene on a rainy night as Trevor is trying to get Carol into a waiting taxi.

Built in 1928, The Plaza was a cinema until the 1960s when it became a bingo hall. But, from 2011, the building stood vacant for a decade, until it was restored to its former glory and repurposed into a vibrant music venue.

Northwich Guardian: The PlazaThe Plaza (Image: Supplied)

A Three UK spokesman has now revealed the reasons behind why The Plaza was chosen as one of the settings for the advert.

He said: "The advert is about how phones allow us to access everyday moments that enrich our lives and we wanted locations that reflected that.

"The Plaza’s iconic colours and charm made for a perfectly British backdrop for our advert, but it also complimented the characters within the advert.

"Carol and Trevor are on a date night and it’s raining – but there’s still a sense of joy from a scenario many of us can relate to.

"As a brand which is passionate about connecting people to the things and people they love, it’s important to ensure we reflect of the nation we serve.

Northwich Guardian: Carol is glued to her phone while Trevor waits by the taxiCarol is glued to her phone while Trevor waits by the taxi (Image: Three UK)

"Three’s big network delivers all over the country from The New Forest to Newcastle, from Norwich to Northwich."

The ad was created by Wonderhood Studios and can be seen across multiple platforms including TV, VOD, cinema, radio, OOH, social and retail.