A MUM-of-two who piled on weight after a difficult breakup feels ‘fantastic’ after losing more than 17kg in 15 weeks. 

Victoria Smith, from Castle, struggled to drop her baby weight after having two sons, now six and eight, in quick succession.

Then after a difficult breakup, the 30-year-old found herself in a very bad place where she was either eating nothing at all, or binging until she felt sick.

She then chanced across a Slimming World consultant in a Matalan car park while she was out for a walk, and ended up joining the group in Winnington.

Retail worker Victoria says joining the group has given ‘a massive boost’ to her confidence, adding: “It’s a lot about hearing other people’s stories and progress, and what they do to lose the weight.

“It’s given me a bit of a confidence boost too – I’ve always lacked in the department. But since going to the group, that problem has gone.

“Me and my friend had been thinking of joining Slimming World for a while, but we struggled to find a group nearby.

“Then one day we were walking through Matalan car park when we saw a car with a Slimming World logo on it.

“We just went up to the woman who was getting out of it and started a conversation.

“The way I’m eating now means the boys, who are eight and six, are eating more healthily too, and they’ve got a bit more understanding about food.

“They also help me out, reminding me when I’m not allowed to eat something.

“The best thing about having lost the weight is my health has improved. I used to struggle walking up hills, and sometimes I’d have to stop halfway up.

“Now I don’t struggle with my breathing and I’m not as tired anymore.

Victoria says losing more than 17kg has also had a huge impact on her mental health and well-being.

“Feeling fit has really helped me with my mood.

“I’ve dropped neatly three dress sizes, which feels fantastic. I used to be a 22, but I can almost get into a 16 now.

“I can buy all sorts of clothes I wouldn’t have been able to before.”