IT'S probably top of every new parent's wish list - to be able to undertand what's going on inside their child's head.

Jen Acton, from Middlewich, helps babies and their carers understand one another long before they can communicate with words.

You might think it's strange babies so young could understand their own needs, never mind communicate them to another person. 

But Jen explained how infants' brains develop much quicker than their vocal apparatus, meaning they know a lot about what they want to say, long before they’re able to say it. 

Her classes, called Happy Little Signers, teach families a simplified form of British Sign Language which lets babies as young as seven weeks old tell their parents how they feel and what they need. Northwich Guardian: Archie Wilkinson recently received his 100-sign awardArchie Wilkinson recently received his 100-sign award (Image: Happy Little Signers)

Jen says tapping into these innate abilities can do wonders for parents, as it allows babies to communicate their needs before they get frustrated and angry, making everyone’s life much easier.

“It’s like opening up a window into their world”, the 36-year-old said. 

“I’m so passionate about sharing the magic of baby and toddler signing with as many local families as I can.

“Being able to communicate so easily with your young child is incredible. It’s amazing to see what they have to say to you.

“We also have dedicated social time at the end of each class where the grown-ups can chat over a hot drink and a biscuit while their children play with the toys provided.

“I found the post-natal period pretty isolating and really struggled with loneliness once my husband’s paternity leave ended.

"But a chance conversation with one mum after a class lead to what is now one of the strongest friendships I’ve had, which completely turned my lonely maternity leave around.

"When I set up Happy Little Signers, it was really important to me to make it a place where lovely meetings like this can happen."

Happy Little Signers run classes at St Mary’s Parish Centre on New King Street, Middlewich, for babies and toddlers from newborns to three years old.  

Annabelle Oakes, who attends with her son Theo, said: “We have been attending Happy Little Signers classes since my little boy was 6 weeks old.

“The classes are such a lovely experience.

"Jen is a wonderful teacher, and I was super proud when my little one made his first sign at 11 weeks old when he asked for milk.

“It’s so much easier now he can tell me when he is hungry.”