A BABY alpaca has left its owner stunned.

Vanessa Wilkinson was shocked to discover one of her alpacas had given birth over the weekend.

Vanessa, who runs Great Budworth Alpaca Walking, says there were no signs that Buttercup was even pregnant.

She said: “It was a total surprise as we were convinced she wasn’t pregnant.

“We are in shock. I was just out walking my dogs down the wood and saw this beautiful little fluffy thing.

“I couldn’t believe my eyes.

“As I got closer I realised it was a baby cria.”

Northwich Guardian: Ellie-May with mum ButtercupEllie-May with mum Buttercup (Image: Vanessa Wilkinson)

Vanessa added: “We brought the two girl alpacas we have, Buttercup and Daisy, and the baby to the farm and bedded a pen down out of the terrible rain.

“She is doing so well feeding off her mum and very cute.

“We have called her Ellie-May.”

Vanessa offers guests at her farm in Great Budworth the chances to take alpacas, sheep and goats for strolls around the Cheshire countryside.

Further information can be found on Facebook or by texting Vanessa on 07976 593 256.