A TRIAL date has been set for a Northwich man accused of child and animal cruelty.  

Joshua Baker, of Winnington Old Lane, appeared at Chester Crown Court on Wednesday, August 8, where he pleaded not guilty to causing wilful and unnecessary suffering to a child. 

He also denied two animal cruelty charges against a kitten and a dog.

The 20-year-old is accused of strangling the dog with her own collar and throwing her down the stairs in April last year, and physically assaulting the kitten, causing blood to run from its nose the following December.  

He's also accused of controlling or coercive behaviour towards a female victim for 22 months, by punching and strangling her, grabbing her breasts in public, and mental manipulation, which he also denies.

After the hearing, Baker was released on bail, but warned not to approach his victims or their homes, or to interfere with prosecution witnesses.  

He will return to Chester Crown Court for trial on June 10, 2024.

The trial is expected to last four days.