IMAGINE a world where getting up an hour early to do you make-up is a thing of the past.  

This could now be the reality for the women of Winsford, where an ‘elite’ semi-permanent make-up artist has now set up shop.

Amelia Wray started her business, Face Base, six months ago, after getting tired of travelling to major cities for her own semi-permanent cosmetic treatments.

Her techniques involve depositing pigments into the outer layer of a client’s skin, where they can stay for up to three years if applied by a skilled practitioner, and with the right aftercare.

Operating out of Perfections Nails and Beauty on Delamere Street, she offers a range of treatments including semi-permanent eyebrows, lip blush, eyeliner, and highly sought after BB Glow, which works as a foundation. 

What’s more, Amelia recently got through to the final as Best Newcomer at the beauty industry’s prestigious 2023 Brow Awards.

She said: "I am super proud and thrilled to be shortlisted.

"I have had the pleasure of creating brows for hundreds of clients in and around Winsford.

"Semi-permanent make-up is very versatile.

"I get lots of young girls who want to enhance what they've got in terms of eyebrows, lip colour, or eyeliner. 

"I also got into it to help people. Sometimes people are too short-sighted to do their own make-up, or they might have lost their eyebrows through chemotherapy or another health issue. 

"I also just like giving people the confidence they feel when they know they'll always look their best. 

"I was passionate to start my business in Winsford after always needing to travel to Manchester or Liverpool for elite artists to have my own appointments.

"I want to say thank you to all my new Winsford customers for welcoming me with open arms, and for only giving me 5-star reviews."