HIGH street shoppers will soon be able to appreciate the work of two Northwich artists as a new gallery opens inside an interior design store.

Gallery 3 is a new artistic venture which will open within Ivy Cottage Interiors on August 5.

The new permanent fixture in the Crown Street shop was a collaborative effort between the store and artists Lea Williams and Alison Hamlin Hughes.

Rachel Davies, the visionary behind Ivy Cottage Interiors, is very excited for the new endeavour.

She said: "Gallery 3 represents a significant milestone for Ivy Cottage Interiors, as we embark on this exciting journey into the world of art.

"Lea and Alison bring their unique styles, experiences, and passions to this space, creating an artistic fusion that will surely captivate the hearts of Northwich residents and visitors alike.

"We are thrilled to provide a permanent platform for these talented artists and hope that Gallery 3 becomes a cherished destination for art enthusiasts and nature lovers alike."

A former banker, Lea has dedicated 11 years to her art, gaining recognition for her hand-painted leathers and guitars, even being featured in New York's renowned rock 'n' roll shop.

Her clientele includes well-known celebrities, and her talent has graced guitar shows, tattoo shows, and exhibitions for car racing and football.

Alison, also known as The Marbury Lady, found her passion for photography more than 10 years ago, with Marbury Park becoming her muse.

Her captivating shots and poetic connection to nature have earned her a devoted following.

A regular contributor to the Guardian's Camera Club page, Alison's talent and unique perspective have been celebrated on the cover of Cheshire Life twice, cementing her place as a remarkable artist in the region.

Northwich residents are invited to attend the grand opening of Gallery 3 and join in the celebrations from 10am on Saturday, August 5.