BEAVER babies led to a flood of donations.

Cheshire Wildlife Trust last week announced that three beaver kits had been born at Hatchmere Nature Reserve, near Delamere Forest.

Since then, around £10,000 has been donated to the trust’s Bring Beavers Back Appeal, bringing it within touching distance of it’s goal.

A spokesperson for the trust said: "We've been overwhelmed by support since announcing the arrival of three new beaver kits at Hatchmere last week.

“We're currently only £2,800 away from our £85,000 target.

“Raising the remaining amount will mean we can continue to look after the newly expanded family and monitor the important benefits they're having to the water and wildlife in the area.

“People can be part of bringing beavers back to Cheshire by donating online at or by calling us on 01948 820728, Monday to Friday, 10am to 4pm."

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The trio born this month are the second litter of Eurasian beaver pair Rowan and Willow.

The couple were brought to Hatchmere at the end of 2020, becoming the first wild beavers to call Cheshire home in 400 years after the species went extinct in England in the 16th century.

Cheshire Wildlife Trust’s beaver reintroduction project is one of 25 currently taking place across England, with other sites in the South West, Kent, Gloucestershire, East Anglia and Yorkshire.

Rowan and Willow gave birth to their first offspring, Bramble and Aspen.

The new arrivals were spotted on wildlife cameras, meaning there is now seven beavers living together at the release site.

The young are expected to stay near the family lodge for several years before leaving to set up their own territory.

Kev Feeney, programme manager for rivers and wetlands at Cheshire Wildlife Trust, said: “It’s fantastic to learn the news of three new beaver kits being born at Hatchmere.

“In under three years, we now have a nice little family living together creating a new diverse wetland landscape that didn’t exist previously.”