A FORMER resident of a women's refuge at risk of closure says it saved her life.

Kayleigh White, 31, has begged Weaver Vale Housing Trust to save Cotswold House following reports that it is set to close.

Kayleigh moved into the home in Winsford three years ago following stints in prison and struggles with alcohol addiction.

She says that thanks to Cotswold House, she has not had a drink in years and has now been able to move into her own flat.

“I’d been in and out of prison, I was at rock bottom,” she said.

“Honest to god, it has changed my life.

“I have never had support like it.

“It is just so sad because there’s going to be people in the same shoes as me that need help and they won’t get that chance, especially parents and people going through domestic violence.”

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Northwich Guardian: Kayleigh said she was at rock bottom before moving into Cotswold HouseKayleigh said she was at rock bottom before moving into Cotswold House (Image: Kayleigh White)

Earlier this month, Weaver Vale Housing Trust announced it was considering closing Cotswold House due to increased running costs.

Gareth Rigby, executive director of customer, place and services at the trust, said: “We can confirm that we are exploring plans to close our supported accommodation service at Cotswold House in Winsford.

“Like other landlords, the Trust has had to make tough financial decisions as we feel the impact of the increasing costs of running our services.

“We are committed to ensuring that vital investment in our existing homes and services will continue, however, we are no longer in a position to run the specialist services provided at Cotswold House.

“We are working closely with affected residents to support them to find suitable alternative accommodation and the proposed closure would not take place until these supported moves are completed.”

Northwich Guardian: Kayleigh is now living in her own flat in NorthwichKayleigh is now living in her own flat in Northwich (Image: Kayleigh White)

Kayleigh, now living in Northwich, said the announcement left her “fuming”.

She added: "I was so angry.

“It’s like they’ve not even thought it through.

“There is nowhere like Cotswold House.

"I’ve never lived in my own place before and if it weren’t for them I never would have."

She is now urging the trust to reconsider.

Kayleigh said: “Please don’t close it because there are people out there who will need this in the future.

“It saves people’s lives."

Northwich Guardian: Kayleigh has urged the trust to reconsiderKayleigh has urged the trust to reconsider (Image: Kayleigh White)