CONCERNS have been raised over dangers to elderly and disabled people caused by hosptial visitors parking in nearby residential streets. 

Several roads around the Victoria Infirmary Northwich (VIN), including Oakleigh Rise and Beswicks Road, are ‘chaos’ according to local resident, Craig Marshall.

Craig says he often has to go out and help elderly neighbours who can't get past cars parked on the pavement, causing them to walk in the road, adding some drivers even block driveways and double park, making his road all but impassable.

He's also worried the problem will only get worse once the hospital’s new £14.1 million new surgical centre is complete. 

Northwich Guardian: Pavement users with mobility aids have been unable to pass the parked cars without walking in the roadPavement users with mobility aids have been unable to pass the parked cars without walking in the road (Image: Craig Marshall)

Craig said: “The whole avenue is fed up with it. We don’t know where to turn.

“We’ve lived on this road for 16 years, and parking’s just gone from bad to worse.

“There are a lot of elderly people live here who use electric scooters and walking aids. They need the pavements.

“I’ve seen them struggling to get past with HGVs and cars parked on the pavement. I’ve even had to go out and help them get round.

“They’re also obstructing driveways so we can’t get in and out with our vehicles. It’s getting to a state of chaos.

“The new extension at the infirmary is brilliant for the town – no one doubts that. But it’s going to cause more chaos with parking. I’m fed-up taking pictures."

Northwich Guardian: Some drivers even block driveways, according to CraigSome drivers even block driveways, according to Craig (Image: Craig Marshall)

The problem is worse when events held at Verdin Park, says Craig, adding the roads around his house were 'mayhem' last week when 15,000 visitors were expected for the annual Northwich soap box derby, Krazy Races. 

He added: "Ideally, we think there should be double yellow lines. The same thing was happening around Hartford railway station, and they put them there. They’re on nearly every road."

Karen Simpson, deputy general manager at VIN, said: “We appreciate how very frustrating this can be for local residents and sincerely apologise for the inconvenience as a consequence of the building works.

“In constructing the new Cheshire and Merseyside Surgical Centre we have temporarily lost a large number of parking spaces. On completion of the Centre, which will be largely dedicated to day case procedures, drop off bays will be allocated for patients to be dropped off and collected later in the day.

“To ease the situation in the interim, we have publicised parking and transport alternatives to patients and staff including the use of local public transport links and nearby public car parks. 

"We have also informed patients of the limited parking in their appointment letters so they can plan their trip accordingly.

“We continue to explore options to optimise the space we have for the convenience of patients and visitors and welcome their input, as well as that of members of our community. 

"Opportunities to get involved will be advised in the coming months.”